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With decades of experience in child care, we provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn to build healthy relationships and develop school-readiness skills.

Our licensed YMCA Child Care centres provide high-quality care for your child in a warm and stimulating environment where they can learn, grow and thrive. Discover what we do at our centres below!

What To Expect

Our Educators

Our dedicated Early Childhood Educators are carefully chosen based on experience working with children, willingness to learn and are required to have or obtain the following certification from the Government of Alberta:
•    Level 1 early childhood educator
•    Level 2 early childhood educator
•    Level 3 early childhood educator

We hire people who are naturally friendly, warm and have the ability to relate openly to both children and adults.  

Getting To & From a Centre

The Y does not provide transportation to or from our centres. However, children can arrive by bus from alternate schools or programs, provided the necessary Inclusive Child Care supports and staffing is in place prior to their first day of care.

Our Curriculums

Your child will spend their early childhood years becoming confident decision-makers who can effect change in their communities as they interact with our Educators trained in our national curriculums, YMCA Playing to Learn™ and YMCA A Place to Connect™.

Discover our national curriculums

Our Programming

At the Y, we prioritize educational and unstructured indoor and outdoor play experiences in all our programming.

Indoor play can incorporate the foundations of language and literacy, math, sciences and creative arts, so your child will actively explore and learn to become a self-directed problem solver.

Outdoor play experiences, in safe all-weather conditions, promotes outdoor play, builds physical literacy skills, fosters environmental stewardship and celebrates the wonder of the natural world.

Snack Time

All our programs provide a morning and afternoon snack that aligns with Health Canada and Alberta Health nutrition guidance.


All infant, toddler, preschool and before and after school care programs require lunch to be provided by the parent/guardian, where applicable. Children registered in select Edmonton locations may access lunch delivery services at an additional cost.

Educators always encourage healthy eating choices, but a child is not required to have snacks or finish their lunches.  

Diapering and Toileting

YMCA Child Care locations have washrooms for children and offer diapering via a changing table or mat. Families provide diapers and wipes as needed.

Nap Time

All infant and toddler programs, and some preschool programs, have a scheduled rest period each day. Children aren't required to sleep, but they will be encouraged to do so.

Children 11 months and under are provided with a crib, while children 12 months and older are provided with a mat. Sleeping mats are distanced to at least 2-meters, so each child can have their own space to rest. Children are welcome to bring a comfort item with them for their rest period.

Kinder and before and after school care programs, and some preschool programs, do not have a scheduled rest period. However, quiet activities are available for children throughout the day.

Connecting with our Community

Children have opportunities to participate in their local and global communities through excursions, visits from special guests and programmed activities.

Planned and spontaneous excursions happen throughout the year, as weather and seasons permit. Where required, a permission form will be provided to families.

Family Connection & Events

YMCA Child Care centres occasionally host special events throughout the year for parents and guardians, children and educators to come together. After all, child care is a shared responsibility between parents, guardians and child care educators.

Opportunities are available for families to volunteer in various components of the program. Parents or guardians may be able to enter the program, where space and leasing partners allow.

Full-Day Care on Non-School Days

Most preschool, kinder and before and after school care programs offer full-day care on non-school days for 12 months of the year.

All child care programs are closed on statutory Provincial holidays as well as Easter Monday so our educators can attend an annual professional development day.

Our Policies

Below you can find and download all our YMCA Child Care policies to learn more about our programming and the regulations we adhere to.


Administration policy

Child guidance policy

Emergency procedures

Health, safety & wellness policy

Insect repellent policy

Programming policy

Rest and nap expectations

Stay at home guide

Sun safety policy

Supervision policy

Transportation policy


If you have questions about a policy, please contact us at, or if you're an existing child care family, please reach out to your centre's team.

A Look Inside Our Centres

Outdoor Playspaces

An outdoor fenced playspace with a tree, large rocks, tires and other playground style equiptment.

All YMCA Child Care locations have unique outdoor playspaces for year-round activities.

Creation Stations

A natualy lit room seen with plently of organized toys and play equiptment.

There is plenty of space to explore your child's creative side through arts and crafts.

Storage Spaces

Wooden cubbies with shoes neatly placed at the bottom.

There are ample storage spaces for your child's shoes, jackets, diapers and more!

Play Time

A small carpet with toy dinosaurs neatly placed on it.

Your child will explore all sorts of learning through our themed toys and play spaces.

Weemarkable™ — a YMCA Child Care app!

We know how special this time of life is, so even when you can't be with your little ones, it's Weemarkable how connected you'll be with our YMCA Child Care app.

Learn more

Community Preschool Education Program

We've partnered with Community Options to provide more opportunities for children to thrive! Community Options proudly offer services in community-based programs (such as our Y!) for children with special learning needs.

Their Community Preschool Education Program is available at select centres in Edmonton. This program is funded by Alberta Education Program Unit Funding (PUF) for preschool-aged children who have been diagnosed with developmental delays, disorders, and medical diagnoses that impact their ability to successfully participate in classroom settings.


Learn more

Heading back to work?

With over 50 locations in central and northern Alberta, YMCA Child Care has you covered.

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