YMCA Child Care

A young girl sitting on a small chair, in the middle of raising her hand and asking a question.

Heading back to the office? With nine day care locations in Grande Prairie, YMCA Child Care has you covered.

Youth & Young Adults

A group of teens play a card game on a wooden picknic table while camping.

Teens and young adults can develop life skills, education enrichment, health and wellness, recreation and international awareness through programs made for them.

Parents & Caregivers

A teenage girl, young boy and their mother stand on their front porch, posing for a photo.

YMCA Family Support programs provide parents and caregivers with support and community connection to foster the healthy development of children and families. All services are completely free thanks to our partners.

New Program: Y Mind

Everyone struggles, and we're here to help. Y Mind is a free program for teens experiencing anxiety — and you don't need to be diagnosed to attend. The program starts soon, so sign up now.

YMCA Alternative Suspension

Designed as an out-of-school intervention, YMCA Alternative Suspension establishes bonds of trust and creates a support network of groups of students that assists in addressing suspension and/or temporary expulsion issues while supporting a consistent and strong academic focus.

Support the Y

For 115 years, YMCA of Northern Alberta has transformed the place you live into a community. And today, more than ever, we all need the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

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